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Corporate Training
& Consulting

The competitive environments in which businesses operate these days present them with many challenges as well as opportunities. Oftentimes to make sense of it all and come to the right decisions, it requires extra brain power in addition to what already exists in the business. 

This is the key value proposition that Brainy Alliance brings: best-of-class corporate training programmes and consulting services. 

Our aim is to help you find answers to your most pressing business problems and the most sustainable way to grow.

Brainy Specialities

Our Servuces

We will introduce the latest academic frameworks for business management and innovation. We will help you determine their relevancy and how they can be adopted in your decision-making process.


One-way knowledge dissemination from teacher to students has long been known to be ineffective. Meaningful interactions are an integral features of our training and consulting processes.


Our consultants strive to stay up-to-date with the latest technology developments around the world. The focus will be on how these wonder technology could be deployed to enhance business performance. 

Creative New Ideas

We will facilitate processes in which your team members will constructively and systematically construe new ideas and solutions for clearly identified business problems. 


Tangible success and improvements could only be achieved when there is a well-established mechanism to turn good ideas into practical solutions. On-going evaluation and continuous improvements are also key considerations. 


Here we are not merely talking about introducing the latest thinking and case studies. Besides those, we seek to help our clients create thought leadership 

within their organisations. 

Clients Served



Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Asia) Limited


Ready to find out more?

In Brainy Alliance, we believe that the twin engines, that play the most significant role in propelling business growth, are Leadership and Innovation. Our corporate training and management consulting services are designed around these two themes. Take a look at what we can offer you! 

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