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We build our offerings around two key areas.

Corporate Training and Management Consulting. The common objective is to help our clients achieve sustainable business growth. In all cases, we strive to ensure that our offerings meet the following criteria: 

  • Strategic: They support the overall development direction of the business.

  • Fit-for-purpose: They are relevant to the concerns in hand and adoptable with the current capabilities of the business.

  • Actionable: They provide a clear sense of direction for actual implementation. 

In Brainy Alliance, we strive to design our offerings insofar that they bring the best value to our clients.
Corporate Training

In accordance with our understanding of what businesses expect to gain through corporate training, in the training programmes that we offer, we aim to achieve the following 3 "connects":

  1. Connect our training content with the attention of the attendees (assist them in understanding the content);

  2. Connect our training content with the existing knowledge frameworks of the attendees (assist them in remembering the content);

  3. Connect our training content with the real-life situations that the attendees might have to face in their businesses (assist them in applying the content). 

Management Consulting

The management consulting projects in which we engage vary from client to client in terms of scope and contents. Given clients' different circumstances and existing capabilities, providing apt and tailor-made recommendations/ solutions is of utmost importance. 

Having a thorough understanding of the client's expectation comes first and foremost. Following that clearly identifying the problem(s) which need solving would provide provide an unambiguous scope for the consulting project. 

The analyses and the deliverables of our consulting projects have the following 3 common characteristics:

  • Logical

  • Evidence-based

  • Actionable

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