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Dr Alexander Chan (Alex) started his academic career at Cardiff University in the UK after completing his PhD in Artificial Intelligence in 1996. In the late 1990s, he joined the mobile technology industry. For over 15 years he took a series of senior roles in sales and marketing with leading British and European companies. 

For 2004 and 2011, Alex was VIP of Sales for Asia Pacific based in Beijing with annual sales revenue in excess of €40 million.

The customers managed by Alex included well-known multinationals such as Google, Samsung, LG, Nokia, Motorola, Microsoft, Toshiba, Panasonic, HTC, Lenovo, Huawei and China Mobile. 

Alex joined HKU SPACE in 2014 and he became Head of Centre for Management and Innovation at Institute for China Business. He was principal Lecturers at HKU SPACE specialising in teaching and providing corporate training in Management, Strategy and Innovation. 

Founder, Principal Consultant
Fiona O_2020.JPG
Co-founder, Head of Business Development

Ms Fiona O is a seasoned entrepreneur in the education industry. She is passionate about helping her clients achieve their dreams. 

Empathy is a great personal asset of Fiona's. She is great in establishing rapport with the clients that she comes across and attentive in listening to their needs. In every single case, Fiona strives to ensure what she delivers is aligned with the client's expectation. 

Back in 2016, Fiona was running FO International Limited, leading a team of 30. Because of the trust that she won from her clients and the excellent services delivered, she achieved HKD$8M revenue in a year.

It is Fiona's aspiration that through the business experience that she has built up over the years, she will also bring great value to the clients of Brainy Alliance. 

Senior Consultant

Dr Ieuan A Nicholas (Ieuan) obtained his PhD in Artificial Intelligence, specialising in Artificial Intelligence for industrial applications, from Cardiff University in 1997. Thereafter, he was responsible for leading a number of large-scale Virtual Reality and Rapid Prototyping projects funded by the European Union with the aim to increase the competitiveness of SMEs in South Wales. 

For a great number of years, Ieuan was working on facilitating advanced research technologies to be adopted in the commercial world. He played the dual role of educator and consultant, educating companies in the industry on the potential of the latest technologies and teaching them how to adopt those in their business operations. His work in this area received widespread recognition in the industry. 

Ieuan is highly experienced in building empowered teams to promote a culture of transformation to drive through change to work more efficiently, reduce costs and increase profitability. He is well versed in the challenges that businesses have to face in increasingly challenging environments. He has been sharing his business experience with companies in both the UK and abroad. Ieuan has the passion to help others to succeed

Head of Executive Development

Ms Peggy Lam is a registered Industrial-Organisational Psychologist and organisational development specialist with over 12 years' working experience with global consulting firms like SHL Limited and YSC Limited. She has in-depth experiences partnering with HR and the line designing, driving and implementing integrated people strategies. She is specialised in executive assessment, leadership development, talent management, executive coaching, assessment & development centres, as well as recruitment & selection. 

Peggy has extensive exposure to boards, senior executives, middle management and graduate populations. She has experience of working with global leading FTSE100 companies across a range of industries, sectors including but not limited to - FMCG, oil and gas, financial services, retail, pharmaceutical and airlines. Strong global leadership benchmarks gained through significant international and cross-cultural experience. She has designed and delivered assessment centres, leadership and development interventions in countries including the UK, China, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Bangladesh, and Taiwan.

Peggy worked and stationed in London, Beijing and Shanghai for 7 years. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Psychology from the University of Hong Kong and obtained an M. Phil of Psychology from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

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